Saturday, March 25, 2017

Three Sisters Black Bean Elbow Pasta with Butternut Squash, Green Beans, and Corn (No Added Fat)

I was busy pruning roses and it became late, so I wanted to put a quick dinner together. I had some interesting black bean pasta elbows from Ancient Harvest brand (the pasta's ingredients are black bean flour, brown rice flour, and organic quinoa flour). I thought I'd put together a Three Sisters meal with corn, climbing beans, and squash.

I used frozen vegetables -  a full bag (10 ounces) of butternut squash cubes (maybe 3/4" cubes), 8 ounces cut green beans (maybe 3/4" lengths), and 2 ounces of corn. I put in maybe 1/4 cup onion cut into 1/2" or so cubes first, and then the squash, then the bean, and finally the corn into a large Saladmaster stock pan. I cooked waterlessly - i.e., I covered the pan and heated it on medium high until the vapor release started jiggling, then I reduced the heat to low till the jiggle stopped. I let it cook for about 20 minutes. I served the vegetables atop the pasta, and put a little marinara sauce with basil, as well as an olive, on top.


Dinner was good, though I think it could have had more flavor. The pasta was good, though my daughter didn't like it and found it bitter.

Ideas for the future

I should try more stacked pasta dishes. More seasoning including garlic (which I was out of) and oregano (fresh oregano is now returning to my herb garden!), as well as capers, would be good. I wonder what a pasta and polenta dish might be like?

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