Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Daiya Brand Vegan "Cheezy Mac", Tofu with Vegetables, Massaged Kale with Citrus (for kiddo and me)

My wife had plans so I made dinner for just my vegan macaroni and cheese-loving daughter and me. There is a new Daiya brand white cheddar-style "cheezy mac" with vegetables that I thought I would try; I also made some tofu and vegetables, cooked for a few minutes (2, as I recall) in my pressure cooker. My daughter wanted a massaged kale and citrus salad, which sounded great.

Everything was very tasty! We think that this Daiya macaroni and "cheese" may be the best boxed "mac and cheese" that we've had. It was luscious, creamy, and tasty.

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