Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Simple Seitan and Bell Pepper Lasagna, Waterless Collard Greens (No Added Fat)

I found Upton's seitan on sale today; it's one of my favorite seitans. I was thinking of making a simple pasta dish with seitan and marinara. I was out of spaghetti or similar pasta, but did have no-boil whole wheat lasagna sheets. I decided to make a simple lasagna, layering sauce, then bell pepper, then seitan, and then a layer or two of just marinara (I spread a little marinara on top of each noodle), followed by onion and then a top layer, with marinara and two teaspoons of frozen chopped basil on top. I baked at 350°F for 40m.

While this was going on, I took advantage of having found local organic collard greens on sale. I took half the bunch, discarded (composted) the bottom inch or two, then cut straight across into inch long segments. I put maybe half of a medium sweet onion cut into 3/8" x 1 1/4" half moons, as well as a clove of garlic cut into 1/4" or so slices into a large Saladmaster stock pan, and then put the greens in, topped with a bit of salt. I covered, brought the pan up to medium heat and, when I heard the vapor lock starting to rattle, reduced the heat to low till the rattling was almost gone, and cooked for 20m (longer would also be okay). I served along with the lasagna.

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