Saturday, January 02, 2016

Smoked Salt and Pepper Peanut "Hempeh", Kite Hill brand Lasagne, Homegrown Broccoli with Roasted Red Bell Pepper

I was shopping a few days ago and found an intriguing looking tempeh, Smiling Hara brand smoked salt and pepper peanut "hempeh". While my wife finds that tofu and most other soy products bother her stomach, she (and most people that I know) can enjoy tempeh without problem. We don't look for soy-free tempeh, and I wasn't even aware that tempeh could be made without soy. I liked the look of this product (made with peanuts, hemp seeds, and rubbed with smoked salt and black pepper), so decided to try it. My daughter wasn't so excited to try this tempeh, so I heated some smoky tempeh for her instead.

I also like Kite Hill brand artisanal almond based vegan cheese products. They're expensive, so I don't have them often. Whole Foods Market had prepared lasagne made with the Kite Hill ricotta on sale ($1.99 for a piece), so I purchased some.

I heated the lasagne. I took half of the tempeh, halved it, exposing the unrubbed inside, and sauteed in a cast iron pan with no added oil till slightly browned on low-medium heat, flipping a few times. My wife is growing broccoli and harvested some - it's sweet and tasty. I served the broccoli with slices of a red bell pepper that I had roasted.

Dinner was good! My wife loved the tempeh. I thought it was quite good and plan to occasionally purchase it.

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