Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Leftover Cauliflower Stew, Fiction Kitchen Cornbread, Sauteed Tempeh

I was on my own for dinner tonight. I had a simple but filling dinner. My wife had dinner last night at a local favorite, vegetarian Fiction Kitchen. We almost always get their tasty cornbread; my wife brought home one piece that I heated and served with their accompanying onion chutney.

I also heated and spiced up the remaining cauliflower stew from last Friday. Finally, tempeh and onion sauteed without oil (with hot sauce and soy sauce added at the table) completed the meal, with some tasty heirloom tomatoes cut up raw and served on top.

I don't know how the vegan cornbread is made, so I won't make any no-added-fat claims. In any case, dinner was good.

I had started soaking some cranberry beans this afternoon, and was thinking of making a nice bean dish. I'll let the beans continue to soak. When I want to prepare them, I'll rinse the beans, cover them by 1 inch of fresh water, and cook in my Instant Pot for 20-25 minutes (note: when cooking beans, a pressure cooker should not be more than half full to avoid foam sticking to the pressure cooker). The instructions for non-pressure cooking these pretty cranberry beans (borlotti) are to soak overnight, rinse then cover by an inch of water, bring to a boil for 3 minutes, then cook, covered, for 45 minutes or till tender. One unit of dried beans makes three units of cooked beans.



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