Saturday, August 30, 2014

Angel Hair Tofu Shirataki with Vegan Vodka Pasta Sauce and Vegetables, Vegan Sausage, Raw Kale with Baby Corn (for Kiddo and Daddy)

My wife left this morning for a wedding that she is a bridesmaid for and returns on Monday. So my daughter and I are on my own. At times like these, I like to offer my daughter foods that my wife normally wouldn't eat.

We were thinking of pizza, but I didn't have time to make dough, didn't have a pizza shell, and didn't have the occasional frozen pizza in stock. Macaroni and vegan cheese was another thought, but I didn't have shells or boxed macaroni and "shreese" (there is a new boxed product by Earth Balance that we will pick up soon to try). Soy is healthful and we have tempeh reasonably frequently, but my wife has problems digesting tofu. My daughter and I love tofu and it agrees with us. I picked up a few days ago an interesting tofu pasta.

Tofu Shirataki is made from yams and tofu, and I picked up their angel hair cut. The online hints suggest draining the pasta, patting it dry, chopping it a bit, and then pan sautéing it to dry up the moisture and warm the noodles. Instead, I dried the noodles the best that I could, including gently pressing down on them, chopped them with a few cuts of the knife, then mixed most of them (I saved some - my daughter loved the raw noodles and so I saved some for her to eat for lunch the next day or so) with yummy Victoria Vegan Vodka Sauce that I had on hand. (I had first simmered the sauce, along with some bell pepper, garlic, and onion.) I served with some nutritional yeast (and mixed some red chili pepper into mine).

My daughter loves baby corn and wanted that with dinner. I served it atop raw kale (which she also likes), and heated a vegan smoked apple sage sausage. Both of us enjoyed dinner!


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