Monday, July 21, 2014

Leftover District of Pi Pizza, Eggplant Stew with Added Napa Cabbage, Salad with Pear

We just got back this evening from an educational, productive, and fun visit to Washington, D.C. I attended a Food for Life instructors' summit, then the 2-day International Conference on Diabetes. Many well known speakers presented, including Neal Barnard (who organized the conference), Brenda Davis (my favorite nutritionist), and John McDougall. At the end, these tentative guidelines to prevent and manage diabetes were presented:

  1. Plant-based foods should be the primary part of one's diet;
  2. One should reduce oils and fried foods;
  3. One should favor low glycemic index foods;
  4. One should limit sodium (to about 1500 mg/day); and
  5. One should include B12 supplementation daily (especially for all people age 50 and above)
For dinner tonight, I heated up the great deep dish pizza that was leftover from last night's dinner in Washington at District of Pi, as well as the eggplant stew from last week that I added raw Napa cabbage to. I also made a broccoli, tomato, and pear salad.


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