Monday, June 10, 2013

Boiled Golden Beet with Refried Beans, Baked Potato (No Added Fat)

I made a simple dinner that came out pretty well. I don't much like red beets; they stain and sometimes bother my digestion. But I do like golden beets, particularly baby goldens. We didn't have baby goldens, but did have regular golden beets.

I had the challenge of cooking with a preschooler taking a late nap and about to get up, but insisting on getting a little bit more of a nap on my shoulder while  my wife was taking a sitar lesson. I carefully, one-handedly, cut three beet roots from the greens and cut the roots into quarters, then added them to boiling water.

When the beets were done (I think these took about 40m till they were reasonably soft),  I took them out of the water and replaced them with the greens, which I parboiled for just 2 minutes or so, letting the greens darken in color. I made a bed of the greens, mixed in a little salt and tarragon, then topped with beets, shallots, and refried black beans. A baked potato (plain to complete this as a no added fat meal) and tomato completed the meal.


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