Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegan Sausage and Spinach Deep Dish Pizza

I've missed my wife and daughter, who left for a visit to India on November 1. They return tomorrow and are in fact enroute in the air (it's about 15 1/2 hours from Mumbai to Newark, where they connect). I know that my wife doesn't particularly like the deep-dish Vicolo cornmeal crust pizza shell, but I love it! I used it as the base of dinner tonight.

I simply sauteed a chopped link of Field Roast Grain Meat Company apple-sage vegan sausage, along with a little onion. When the sausage was lightly browned, I added a little orange bell pepper and a dozen or so baby spinach leaves. I cooked another minute or so, then stirred in homemade pesto sauce. I removed from the pan and mixed all the ingredients into a new sauce I recently discovered, made reasonably locally in the North Carolina mountains, Chef Ricardo's Mucho Macho (has a little spicy heat to it).

I spread the sauce over the pizza crust and baked it at 375°F, after topping with Daiya vegan cheddar and mozzarella style "cheese", till the cheese was nicely melted and the crust a bit crispy, maybe 8 minutes. I served it with some sections of an heirloom yellow tomato. Yum!


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