Monday, March 22, 2010

Tempeh with Marinara Sauce and Greens, Cilantro Lime Aztec Rice Salad, Baked Potato

At Whole Foods Market today, I found a new prepared dish that sounded good - Cilantro Lime Aztec Rice Salad, which had: Azec Rice Blend (Colusari red rice - which I've not heard of before, long grain brown rice, split peas, and amaranth), lime juice, spinach, canola oil, cilantro, salt, and black pepper. I picked it up to help get dinner on the table a bit sooner than otherwise.

I baked Russet potatoes in my toaster oven to make another trivial side dish. For the main dish, I simply sauteed some tempeh, then, when both sides of the tempeh pieces were at least medium-brown, I added the marinara sauce with greens that I made last week, as well as some plain marinara sauce, and cooked over low heat another few minutes till heated through. I then served, along with some lovely organic English peas I also found today.


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