Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rice Noodles with Rainbow Chard

My wife's film presentation, on a man working to improve the quantity and quality of green spaces in our town, went well! I enjoyed seeing all of the 14 films that the week-long workshop generated. Before the screening, my wife had picked up some items from our town's farmer's market, including rainbow chard.

As seems to be the case several times recently, we had just a little time to have dinner. We came home from the screening with my wife hungry, so we had a significant snack/lunch in the mid-afternoon. We were going to the art museum for another film (Shut Up & Sing; other than some strong language, good to see, even if you're not a country fan) and took some new Servas friends of ours who just arrived yesterday from Argentina. So I quickly put together a saute of chard, adding soaked then drained rice noodles and some hot sauce for the last minute. It was surprisingly very good! I served it with sauteed tempeh.


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