Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Potatoes O'Brien, Leftovers

Last night we ended up having a very nice anniversary dining experience at Il Palio in Chapel Hill, one of our favorite Italian restaurants. It was a $100+ dinner for the two of us, but then it was our anniversary and it was fine dining - and I even had a glass of champagne. As we have come to expect from this restaurant, the food was very tasty - a starter of a small cup of red bell pepper broth (they knew we were coming so had many vegan items on hand), appetizers of risotto and focaccia, and main courses of pasta (the only disappointment; it was good but the pasta was too soft) and grilled vegetables.

Today I had photography class, but my wife didn't want to drive out to Cary, NC to meet me and none of my students joined me. A colleague who wanted to discuss a seminar I am offering this fall had planned on meeting me but even he didn't show up. I've been eating out a lot, so I came home and put together a quick meal for myself (my wife had some quick Indian food that she had put together for herself). I made potatoes O'Brien and heated leftovers - Limed Red Beet Green Saute, black-eyed peas that my wife had made, and foccacia from last night.


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