Saturday, August 04, 2007

Brussels Sprouts with Pesto

Tonight, I had to make dinner quickly as I was running late for a film outdoors at the art museum (Dreamgirls - good music and dance). I cooked, ate, and wrapped a second plate to drop off for my wife who had a last late night getting her film ready to present tomorrow. I made a simple Brussels sprout saute with bell peppers and served it with pesto sauce and a side of a brown rice mixture.

Yesterday, after my photography class, I drove to near where my wife was working on her film at Duke and picked up dinner from the restaurant where we have our annual Thanksgiving, Cafe Pariz├Ąde. They know us well over there and my wife just called to tell them I'll be picking up dinner, giving their excellent chef, our friend Robert Adams, freedom to make anything he wanted. He put together a curried grain and vegetable dish which my wife really liked and another dish that I particularly liked (which I'm forgetting at the moment).


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