Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sauteed Cranberry Red Potatoes with Tempeh and Asparagus, Grilled Corn

First the good news - the dermatologist called yesterday to tell me that the tests came back negative - I don't have chicken pox! The bride, groom, my wife, and I, all came down with what appears to be insect bites that are itchy but not contagious!! Yeah!!

We are lucky to have a relative from New Delhi visiting my parents. Yesterday, my wife and I went to meet her (after I got the good news!) and we all ate a nice Indian meal there. Tonight, I had all over at my home for dinner (all except my Mom who was fasting today; she ate a simple dish that she made with us).

Last Saturday (the 14th) at the farmer's market, I purchased Cranberry Red potatoes. Also known as All Red, it is a potato available since 1984 that is supposed to have a rich pink/red coloration on the inside and outside, and that is said to be very nice for making potato salad. I made a simple saute with these potatoes (which turned out, at least this batch, to be light in color inside), tempeh, asparagus, sweet and red onions, and a little soy sauce and salt. I served this with a mixed brown and wild rice combination that I had cooked in vegan broth, as well as grilled corn-off-the-cob with fresh lime, Earth Balance margarine, and salt.

On the side, I also had heirloom tomato, baby yellow carrot, parsnip, and sea beans (which I don't enjoy the taste of - quite salty! - but they're nutritive). I've made significantly better dinners lately, but all seemed to enjoy.


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