Monday, July 23, 2007

Eggplant-Tempeh Crumble on Bread Trio, Tuscan Beans

Several Thursdays ago, I had made stewed eggplant that I served over pasta. I had in mind an interesting pizza where I would start with some tomato paste, then the leftover eggplant, followed by chunks of freshly grilled eggplant. We had some frozen dough but decided it would be too much close connection with kneading that would be required; let the infection pass!

Instead, I made something a little simpler but based on that idea. I used slices of three different breads - whole wheat, olive, and lemon rosemary - and sprayed a little bit of olive oil on the bottoms. I put no tomato sauce on, but spread the warmed eggplant sauce. In my cast iron pan, I had sauteed small (approx. 1/4" cubes) pieces of tempeh for a few minutes, then, as they were browning, added maybe 1/2" cubes of eggplant. (This isn't the best way to cook eggplant, as it sops up the oil; I could have first, but didn't, salt and let sit the eggplant.) When the eggplant was cooked and slightly brown, I put this crumble atop the bread slices. On my three slices, I also added dollops of the new vegan Scottish "Sheese" "cream cheese", regular flavor.

I put the topped breads in a 350°F oven and baked for about 10 minutes, then turned the broiler on for just a minute to slightly darken the "cheese". I served, along with beans that I had prepared the way we loved in Toscano last October - simply cooked shortly in olive oil then mixed with fresh lemon juice (I used lime), salt, and pepper. Dinner was filling and good!


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