Saturday, June 23, 2007

Roasted Corn served in Baked Polenta, Polenta-'Sausage' Saute

We went tonight to see Pilobolus, one of our favorite contemporary dance troupes, at ADF, but we ate before we went. I came up with an interesting idea, using fresh corn on the cob (that I roasted and stripped from the three kernels that I had, then mixed in Earth Balance margarine, salt, and lime juice), polenta (that I had premade in a cupboard), and artisanal vegan apple sage sausage by the Field Roast Grain Meat Company.

I simply cut the tube of polenta in half, scooped out each half to make it into a hollow "canoe", and baked it, uncovered, at 350 or 375°F, for about 25 minutes. I simply served the corn in the polenta (which, of course, is made of cornmeal); it was tasty. I sauteed the polenta that I had removed, after cutting it roughly into small-medium pieces, as well as slices of the "sausage", and onion. It was a good dinner!

Yesterday was my photography class. My wife and I went out to a Turkish restaurant on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, Tallulah's. We enjoyed the food and had a variety of mezze side dishes. I was surprised that the Turkish people make a warmed hummus; it was quite good!


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