Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sauteed Vegetables with Rice

I had the privilege of having Madeleine and Will Tuttle over for dinner tonight. Will's talk was interesting and motivating on Saturday night, about the importance of veganism to help achieve world peace and harmony. They stayed on in town for talks and consultations, and tomorrow are recording a radio interview before they leave the following morning.

I sauteed shallots, red onions, yellow onions, russet potatoes, bell pepper, Anaheim pepper, green beans, and tempeh, along with a little rosemary needles and soy sauce added near the end of cooking. I served it with a brown rice mixture. I think that they enjoyed the meal!

I'm glad that I prepared the quick quinoa meal late on Monday night / Tuesday morning. It was a simple meal, but my wife's relatives - kids and all - seemed to really like it. I had planned a more elaborate meal for them last night, but we were enthusiastically sightseeing in the area and it ended up being 9p; we still wanted to drive through the Duke University campus and show them where we hold our annual Thanksgiving feast, so we ate out at Xiloa Nicaraguan restaurant. Though I was anxious to have them try risotto, which I was going to make, the restaurant outing made a lot of sense and we all enjoyed our meals at Xiloa (I had nacatamales, as I usually do). They are all of sightseeing in Washington, DC and then on to New York City.


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