Saturday, March 31, 2007

Indonesian Sate Vegetables with Golden Rose Brown Rice

A few days ago I picked up what looked (and proved to be!) a tasty sauce, A Taste of Thai brand peanut satay sauce. Satays are spicy dishes with grilled vegetables (and other items); in Indonesia, where tempeh is a staple, satays are called sates. The sauce is quite perishable and needs to be finished in three days, so I'll make another sate/satay dish probably on Sunday or Monday.

Tonight, I simply sauteed, in canola oil, Russian Banana fingerling potatoes cut into large chunks for a few minutes, then added a whole onion that had been sliced into medium half moons, maybe 1/4" thick, as well as a chopped clove of elephant garlic. I let that saute for a few minutes, then added a little tempeh (maybe 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/2") and halved Brussels sprouts, and let that cook a few more minutes. Finally, I added broccoli and diced (maybe 3/8") red bell pepper and sauteed just a minute or two till the broccoli was bright green. I removed from the heat and mixed in the peanut sauce, salt, and some chili powder.

I also had made, with a vegan bouillon cube in my rice cooker, a nice variety of brown rice called "golden brown". Dinner was tasty!


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