Saturday, February 03, 2007

White Dinner (asparagus, jicama, Garden Burger on crumpet)

I was thinking of grilling some white asparagus and experimenting with jicama, a root that is typically eaten raw in salads, maybe with lime and salt. I noticed that these items are white - why not try an approximately all-white dinner?!

I peeled the asparagus, necessary for the white kind which results in growing the vegetable in decreased light and gently grilled them with finely diced onion, being sure to cook it just enough so the the onion wouldn't carmelize (maybe 3-5 minutes). I served the jicama in pieces around the perimeter.

I rarely purchase crumpets but happened to purchase some a few days ago. I had two GardenVegan Garden Burgers, and simply prepared them by grilling with very little oil. I served them, along with a roasted eggplant "caviar" spread, tomatoes, and onion (all carefully hidden from view except the white onions and a bit of the pale burger!), in between two crumpets. Normally, I'd put the flat side out, but it was brown, so aesthetics dictated reversing them!


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