Monday, February 05, 2007

Heirloom Red Quinoa with Sunflower Seed Kernels and Vegetables, Broccolini with Tempeh

Tonight, I made several fairly quick dishes. I sauteed some bell pepper and onion then put them into a sauce pan with heirloom red quinoa and water (in a 1 quinoa : 2 water ratio), as well as about 1/4 of a vegan bouillon cube. I brought this to a boil for 3-5 minutes, then turned the heat off and let it sit for about 15 minutes, covered. When I was ready to serve it, I mixed in some roasted and salted sunflower seed kernels, as well as Consorzio brand roasted garlic marinade.

I also sauteed some red jalapeno pepper, shallot, and tempeh with broccolini. I found in the grocery store today some micro beet greens, and put them on top of the other mixed salad greens (the micro greens tasted to me a little of beets, though my wife didn't think so). I also served some beautiful watermelon radish.


At Tue Feb 06, 04:38:00 AM EST, Blogger मन कस्तुरी रे.. said...

Hi Dilip

Watermelon Radish? Is this a new variety or some hybrid ?
Are they more juicy?

Look so beautiful!


At Tue Feb 06, 09:31:00 PM EST, Blogger bazu said...

I'm also fascinated by the watermelon radish- they are so striking! I've heard a few bloggers mention the heirloom quinoa, and I hope I come across it sometime!

At Wed Feb 07, 04:48:00 AM EST, Blogger Dilip said...

Watermelon Radish is beautiful - you can see some pictures that I have taken of these radishes, such as this one or others in the same gallery. Also known as Beauty Heart Radish, I believe that it comes originally from Korea. I like it more for the appearance than flavor - often it is too hot in flavor. However, it tends to mellow as it ages, unlike most other radishes. I have never cooked with it but always have served it raw. Thanks, Ashwini and bazu, for your kind comments.


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