Saturday, January 20, 2007

Celebration Roast with Lime-Pepper "Gravy"

It's been almost eight months since I've used the tasty Field Roast handmade stuffed (with apples, squash, and mushrooms) Celebration Roast, a tasty non-soy vegan delicacy. I recently picked up two roasts, and used one today - what better way to celebrate the fact that we had a friend visiting us for dinner.

The roast is simple to prepare and really only needs heating for about 15 minutes at 350°F. I then sliced it and drizzled on a gravy that I made by simply mixing a little Drew's Thai Sesame Lime dressing /marinade into the remaining hot red pepper spread that we had left. The dressing was quite tasty, and the roast was fabulous!

I also roasted corn and served it with Earth Balance margarine, Volcano Lime Burst (water, organic lime juice, lemon oil), salt, and a little bit of freshly ground pink peppercorn. I haven't made wild rice in many months and today tried making it in broth - I served that, as well as a salad, too.


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