Saturday, November 11, 2006

Farfalle (bow tie) ai tre gusti Pasta with Pesto and Vegan "Meatballs", Crostini, and Grilled Vegetables

On October 27, I made a delicious batch of pesto and today used it in another pasta dish. I brought some bow-tie pasta (farfalle) colored with cayenne pepper and spinach back from Siena in Italia; I think this must have been oriented toward tourists as the pasta turned out to be rather unremarkable. Anyway, I served it with Nate's Savory Mushroom vegan "meatballs" and some pesto. I also served crostinis with roma tomato and pesto, and grilled vegetables. My wife and I both enjoyed the meal.

Yesterday after a photography class that I taught, we visited Vespa Ristorante in Chapel Hill. New owners are transitioning to a new menu, and one of the owners seemed quite interested in my veganism, cooking instruction, and the group that I lead, Triangle Vegetarian Society. We may meet next week for him to solicit ideas from me about his menu. We let them bring out what they wished; we had salad, then a plate of grilled polenta and grilled vegetables - including perhaps the most tasty grilled zuchinni I've had. The dinner was decent but not so filling.

By the way, we're up to over 200 people reserved for this year's Thanksgiving! I've been fairly busy with getting this event together, including contacting companies to be part of our raffle.


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