Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vegan Pizza Day one-day-late for Kiddo and Daddy

My wife was out tonight, so I thought I'd make some easy comfort food that my daughter would love. Yesterday was Vegan Pizza Day but we didn't eat at home (we went out to see a Indigo Girls concert), so I thought I'd pick up a favorite frozen pizza shell, Vicolo Pizza's organic cornmeal (thick crust).

My daughter, four and a half years old, helped make this simple but tasty and filling meal. I sauteed (without oil, though this was not a no added fat meal) a little onion, red bell pepper, and Field Roast vegan apple-sage sausage, and topped the crust. My daughter spread sauce and Daiya vegan "cheese", and we baked the pizza plus some crinkle-cut French Fries. Yummy!


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