Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prepared Achari Mushroom with Malaysian-style Lentil Stuffed Parantha

I came home late from an appointment and had very little time to put dinner together. I keep some handy but also good-quality convenient foods around for such circumstances. I have had good luck with pre-cooked Indian meals sealed in an aluminum bag and ready to boil, and found a brand I'd not used before, Kohinoor. Their Achari Mushroom ("fresh button mushrooms cooked with pickled sauces and aromatic herbs") sounded good but I didn't notice the spice level hot label till I served.

I served this dish with a Malaysian-style lentil stuffed parantha, also rather spicy. A dollop of soy yogurt I thought would (and did) help. Dinner was reasonable, but my wife and I both found it too spicy - and the pickles with mushrooms was a little strange mixture.


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