Sunday, December 23, 2007

Leftover Indonesian Stew and Thai Cilantro Tomato Salad with Tempeh-Lemon Grilled Bread

I had some yummy leftover Indonesian stew from class on Thursday, as well as some tasty tomato salad. I came up with an idea that turned out well and which I think would make for a great appetizer or event reception finger food. I sauteed in a little bit of Floribbean Foods brand Key Lime Savory Oil thin squares of tempeh; about two minutes after the tempeh had been added, I put in slices of half of a jalapeno pepper mainly to flavor the oil, but I served one slice on each of our plates atop a longer piece of tempeh. In the final minute or so of the saute, I also put in a flat piece of ginger to cook a little bit, and let pieces of bread soak up the hot oil and get slightly grilled on one side.

I topped the bread with a little Meditalia brand red pepper tapenade, then the tempeh and ginger. We loved the meal!


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