Thursday, January 25, 2018

Brussels Sprouts with Plantain, Chickpea with Spinach (No Added Fat)

I was going to make a chickpea main course and had chickpeas soaking and then set to pressure cook for 30 minutes. However, I found on sale good looking Brussels Sprouts, so made a Brussels Sprouts main course by sauteeing without oil over medium heat on a cast iron pan halved sprouts with garlic and onion. I added a little more onion as well as a chopped (3/8") plantain about 10 minutes later, once I had some charring on the sprouts. I cooked for 5-7 more minutes till the plantain was cooked, then mixed in a little salt, freshly ground black pepper, fennel seed, garlic powder, ume plum vinegar, and lemon juice, then kept it warm in my toaster oven till ready to serve.

I put a little garlic and some frozen spinach into the cooked chickpeas and returned to pressure cook for another 5 minutes. I mixed in a little onion, cumin powder, lemon juice, and salt, and served, along with the Brussels Sprouts and salad.


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