Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby Navy Beans, Whole Grain Pizzettes (No Added Fat)

I made a simple but tasty dinner. I cooked some baby navy beans (I soaked them overnight, rinsed, put them in my Instant Pot pressure cooker with just enough water to cover, and pressed the "Bean" button then the negative button twice to cook for 28m under high pressure; I added a little salt, oregano, and ginger, as well as a vegan bouillon cube, then, uncovered, ran the Instant Pot in the slow cook mode to keep it warm and cook off excess moisture for 15-25m or so till I was ready to serve) and served them with a little bit of salt in between two carrot halves. A simple pizzette of toasted whole grain English muffin topped with marinara, nutritional yeast, and vegetables, completed the meal. It was good!

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