Saturday, February 08, 2014

Golden Beet with Potato, Tomatilla Salsa, Leek, Corn, Miso and Hemp Seed; Black Bean with Ginger and Jalapeno Sauce; and Madagascar Pink Rice with Baby Portabello (No Added Fat)

For dinner tonight, I started a pot of water boiling and put in 3 golden beet roots. It takes about 30-40m to boil unpeeled beet roots, and I also wanted to boil about ten very small (maybe 3/4" diameter) potatoes which take maybe 10m, so I added the potato about 20m into the boil.

Dinner was easy; when the beet was done (I gently pushed a knife into the beet and knew it was done when I could easily push to the middle), I set the potato aside and cut them into halves. I ran some cool water over the beet roots till they were comfortable to handle, then cut the top and bottom off and, mainly just with rubbing, removed the skin then diced the roots into maybe 3/4" cubes. I mixed in a little chopped leek, about 1/8 cup corn, maybe 2T tomatilla salsa, 1/2 t miso, and maybe 2T water. I stirred over medium heat just two minutes or so to heat everything. I removed from heat and mixed in about a teaspoon of hemp seeds.

I also mixed in some ginger, jalapeno sauce, and salt with black beans for one side dish. I served this all with Madagascar pink rice (1 : 1 3/4 ratio for 20m; I usually add a vegan bouillon cube to the water, as I did today) with about 5 baby bella mushrooms, cut into 1/4" slices. Dinner was tasty!


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