Thursday, May 30, 2013

Red Lentil Dhal, Leftover Kale and Tofu (not for my wife), Corn (No Added Fat)

My Dad has been visiting with us for a few weeks and has dental problems that have left him largely unable to chew. He wanted a very soft lentil soup; my wife was wanting to only eat a light soup, so I prepared a red lentil dhal for them and combined it with leftovers and corn for my preschooler and me.

I put ample water in with red lentils to make sure that I had a very soft result. I also put some kale leaves and a little onion in; my Dad doesn't eat garlic, so I didn't include a vegan bouillon cube.

Red lentils cook quickly, in about 15m. For softness, I cooked for about 20m. Everybody was happy with dinner!


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