Monday, September 27, 2010

Smoky Tempeh and Avocado on Grilled Potato-Onion Bread, Corn-off-the-Cob, Peas

We attended the Carrboro Music Festival today, one of my favorite annual events with over 150 groups scattered around the town of Carrboro, and all free. Outdoor venues were cancelled as it rained, and it became difficult with our daughter to walk to a nearby restaurant in the rain to eat, so we came home early and I aimed to put together a quick meal. I think I succeeded in something that was fast and also very good.

I picked up another half loaf of tasty potato-onion bread from Weaver Street Market just before heading home from the Festival; both my daughter and I loved the soy-free vegan Daiya grilled cheese I made on this hearty bread yesterday. My Dad had given me a few days ago a platter of jalapeno peppers he said weren't hot - but they are hot! I thought I'd integrate a bit of jalapeno by sauteeing with my main dish one pepper cut into quarters, then discarding the pepper.

Today, I started by "buttering" (with Earth Balance margarine) one side of four slices of bread and, along with the jalapeno over medium-high heat, gently browning it till the side was lightly toasted and the bread still soft. I then removed the bread slices from the heat and put into the pan about half of a package of smoke-flavored organic "fakin' bacon" strips of tempeh, along with a half dozen or so thin slices of red onion. I cooked till the tempeh browned a bit.

I spread some Dulcet Cuisine brand sweet orange chile mustard on the non-grilled side of one piece of bread, and put half of an avocado, sliced, atop the mustard. I served the tempeh and onion on top of that, then covered with the other bread to make a yummy sandwich. I served this with some peas and corn stripped off of the cob.


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