Monday, March 22, 2010

Leftover Spring Masala Dosa with Gunpowder Spice, Sambar, and Jerk Seasoned Cold Seitan with Cantaloupe Juice

On Saturday, we went to one of our favorite area restaurants, Tower South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, to celebrate a friend's birthday. I had ordered a spring masala dosa with gunpowder spice coated inside the dosa. Dosa, one of my favorite foods, is a South Indian fermented lentil and rice crepe. It is often served unstuffed or stuffed with potatoes and onions; this restaurant has a spring masala dosa that has a variety of sauteed vegetables in the filling. I like the tasty gunpowder spices, as well.

I couldn't finish my dosa, so brought half home. I served a quarter of the dosa with (not shown here) coconut chutney, as well as some lime pickle and a bowl of tasty spicy sambar soup we also brought home. I served avocado and, sprinkled with jerk seasoning, some unheated slices of seitan to complete the meal.

By the way, I also made an amazing drink. I found over the weekend cantaloupes for $1.50 at Whole Foods Market. I removed the skin and seeds of half a cantaloupe and cut it into large chunks. I put these into my Vitamix blender, then added a tray of ice cubes. I blended it all together and got a very tasty frosty cantaloupe juice! Wow!


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