Monday, December 10, 2007

Meditalia Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade on Whole Wheat, Leftover Greek Salad, Potatoes, Holiday Roast, and Squash

A few days ago, I bought some appealing-looking red pepper tapenade. I opened it to serve atop some whole wheat bread tonight as a side dish and was excited to read on the bottle the description of this line of Meditalia pestos and tapenades - "made possible through business partnership among Israelis & Arabs. Shared wallets lead to shared visions of the future". Not only did the product taste good (it had a nice subtly smoky flavor), but it sure does support a great cause! I am going to try to regularly purchase this company's products (apparently, their whole product line is vegan - peace begins with what we eat!).

For dinner otherwise, I simply served leftovers. Greek salad was left from last week's cooking class. I heated potatoes, squash, and that very nice holiday roast with cranberries and filo from Field Roast. It was easy but very good - but my wife is saying that she misses my own cooking!

I didn't cook this weekend. We had our vegetarian society's holiday party on Saturday. My wife made an Indian dish with cauliflower and potato. I made chocolate "bread" (really tastes more like a cake and has cocoa, chocolate chips - I used two or three kinds, dried cherries, hemp milk, semolina and regular flour, yeast, turbinado sugar, salt, walnuts, ... I think that's essentially it) in my bread machine.

We saw the famous 2001 Japanese anime film Spirited Away on Sunday. I had seen it several years ago but my wife hadn't - and I relished seeing it again. After the film, a friend joined us for dinner across the street at Lilly's Pizza. We had pizza with vegan cheese on one half (none for my wife) and a number of toppings such as artichoke hearts and tomatoes, with a truffle oil base. They now also have vegan cheese (or cheeseless) strombolis - I had never had one of these, similar to a stuffed pizza but not quite a calzone. My friend ordered one and I loved it! I can't wait to get back to Lilly's to order a stromboli.


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