Monday, June 11, 2007

Roasted Corn-Avocado Salad with Jerk Tempeh and Basil - Heirloom Tomato on Lemon Boule

It was a hot day today, so I wanted to make a cooling-off meal featuring a substantial non-traditional salad. I roasted three ears of corn over the open flame of my gas range, stripped the kernels, and mixed in chunks of half an avocado, maybe 1/5 of a yellow onion, and 1/3 of a red jalapeno pepper, as well as a little salt, fresh lemon juice, and lime. It came out great!

I also served jerk tempeh - I simply sauteed tempeh in little oil on a cast iron skillet then rubbed both sides of each piece of tempeh in a bowl of Pluto's Caribbean Bliss seasoning. Finally, I served some heirloom tomato slices with fresh basil on warmed lemon boule sour dough bread. Yummy!

Yesterday, we were out and about in downtown Carrboro, finishing up grocery shopping at 9p. It was too tempting to go, like we did last weekend, to have vegan thin crust pesto pizza at Panzanella, which we did (my wife had pasta) - very nice!


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