Friday, June 01, 2007

Zucchini-Seitan over Strozzapreti Pasta

I sauteed four cloves of roughly chopped garlic and seitan, chopped to about 1/4" cubes, for a few minutes till the seitan started to brown. Then I added 1/2" cubed zucchini and sauteed for about 5 more minutes. I added a small can of stewed tomatoes, 1/4" chopped yellow bell pepper, fresh oregano and basil from my garden, and salt and pepper; I simmered this for about 5 minutes, then served over Strozzapreti Pasta with some Eat in the Raw's Parma! vegan "Parmesan cheese" on top. My wife and I loved this dish!

Yesterday, I hosted two special guests in the class on Gandhian nonviolence that I teach. Thakorbhai Parekh, a 91-year-old gentleman who marched with Gandhi in the 1930 Salt March, joined my class along with his sweet wife and spoke to my class, came for a break to my parents' house, then joined several students and friends for a nice Indian dinner at Sitar India Restaurant (I ordered a large menu of vegan food sans onions or garlic, which Thakorbhai and his wife don't eat, including salad, samosa triangles, idli rice cakes with spicy sambar soup, dosa crepes, chana masala (chickpeas), rice, and fruit).


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