Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Southwestern Sunshine Burger on Portugese Roll, Leftover Soup and Pasta

I didn't have much time tonight and made a quick stop at a grocery store on my way home. I was surprised that they had Portugese rolls that were vegan; I went to graduate school in Providence, Rhode Island, where there is a large Portugese community with their yeasty rolls readily available, but they seemed to always have eggs in them. So I purchased Portugese rolls and had them for the first time in tonight's dinner (my wife liked hers, but I found mine too bland.

I simply grilled a Southwest Organic Sunshine Burger and served it on a Portugese roll with a little hummus, tomato, onion, and Isle of Bute Foods' vegan "Scheese"/"Sheese" (cheddar with chives). I also reheated the tomato barley soup that I had made a few days ago, as well as the little pasta with kale and sundried tomato that was also leftover.


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