Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Asparagus with Shallot, Wilted Spinach, Leftover Pizza (and Soup)

My appetite is back! On the last two nights, I ate almost a typical amount of food for dinner, and today seemed to be back to normal.

We went away for Christmas Eve and much of Christmas to show my wife's friends the NC Mountains and enjoy the holiday with a friend who just recently (partially) moved into a lovely home there. We bought a wide variety of foods and I did a trivial amount of cooking to put out a buffet feast for Christmas Eve. On Christmas, Sangeeta's friends flew out in the evening, and my wife and I had an Indian dinner with my parents (I had an urge to try making a "grilled sheese" sandwich out of Bute Island Foods' vegan "sheese", and did that with their Cheddar with Chives flavor for a side dish - it came out well, and the sheese melted reasonably).

Today, I had spinach, asparagus, and leftover pizza from last Sunday (sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and onions with porcini mushroom oil instead of tomato sauce, from Lilly's pizzeria) to use up. The pizza had dried out and was hard, but passable. I sauteed asparagus briefly with shallot, and spiced it simply with salt and pepper. I wilted the spinach by sauteeing red onion for a minute or two, then briefly sauteeing spinach leaves (including stems, though they could have been removed). I also simply seasoned it. I also heated and served some Amy's Lentil Vegetable Soup.

My wife didn't end up liking the soup, and I wasn't crazy about it, either. The spinach was not particularly flavorful; we had it for probably almost a week in the refrigerator, so was past its prime though certainly quite edible. It was a passable meal, but perhaps the least favorite one that I have ever served my wife. Tomorrow will be better!


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