Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Falafel, Purple Sweet Potato, Kabocha Squash, Whole Wheat Couscous

I made a simple roasted root vegetable dinner with falafel. My aunt and Dad joined us for dinner; I skipped the falafel balls in my Dad's pita as he avoids garlic. I had forgotten to serve it before photographing, but I also made some whole wheat couscous with onions and bell peppers.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kale-Ginger-Carrot Soup with Vegan Sausage-Zucchini Saute

For tonight's dinner, I started making the carrot-ginger soup that we love so much (substituting raw cashews for the tofu), but saw that we had a lot of kale, so added two leaves - stem and all - of the green kale. My wife had made a curried potato side dish a few nights ago when I was picking up my sister-in-law from the airport; I added a handful of the cooked baking potato cubes.

I made a simple side dish, sauteeing a vegan apple-sage Field Roast sausage with 1/3 of an onion and a zucchini. I added some dried oregano, salt, and pepper and served.

Dinner was good - oregano lends itself well to slightly overspicing, which is what I did. I used maybe 1/4t for our two servings, and it gave a pronounced but not overpowering taste. I thought that our "standard" carrot-ginger soup was much better, but the kale added even more nutrition and the soup still tasted good.