Friday, January 24, 2014

American Flatbread Pizza, Great Northern Bean - Citrus Salad (Almost No Added Fat)

We don't often get frozen pizza, but there is one brand, American Flatbread, that I do occasionally get when it's on sale as it is particularly good and they have two vegan versions - one with vegan cheese and one that I picked up a few days ago, Farmers' Tomato Pie (each third of the pizza is 5g of fat, so I classify this as an almost-no-added-fat meal). I had stopped by a Harris Teeter supermarket a day or two ago, and found this at a significant sale, so will probably pick up a few more pies before the sale ends.

It sure made a quick and tasty meal tonight, the opening night of the NC International South Asian Film Festival (that I have been helping to organize and for which I had to introduce the first film). I came up with the idea of cutting up some citrus and mixing with beans for a salad - it came out tasty!


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