Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spicy Seitan Strips with Pine Nuts, Asparagus, and Madagascar Pink Rice

I made a simple, but, my wife and I (and my toddler!) felt, tasty dinner tonight. I recently picked up a nice, new for me, Madagascar pink rice. It is simply cooked in a 1 : 1 3/4 ratio (i.e., put a unit of rice in a pan then add one and three quarters units water; I also put in a vegan bouillon cube). While it was cooking, I took half of a box of seitan strips and sauteed them in a little oil over medium heat in a cast iron pan. I also put in a hot chili pepper, quartered; it seemed to be quite hot, so I only left it in a few minutes, then discarded it (the flavor and heat did gently get into the dish). A few minutes into the saute, I added about a half dozen garlic chives, cut into fifths or so; a few minutes after that, with the seitan gently browning, I added a small half handful of pine nuts. Pine nuts can easily burn, so I turned the heat off and cooked, stirring, for another minute, before removing the entire dish to a bowl. I added some fresh squeezed lemon juice and Happy Human's Basic Boost Spice Rub (garlic, onion, paprika, salt, echinacea, "and other super secret organic spices"). I also cooked some fresh asparagus in that same cast iron pan over medium heat with a little oil. I cooked just 2 minutes or so, till the asparagus became a darker green. I served it with fresh lemon, freshly ground black pepper, and a little salt. Dinner was quite good. This rice has a lovely taste with lots of interesting nuances I'll have to try to identify; perhaps I'll have to make it plain without bouillon. I really like using this rice - it is a whole-grain rice but only takes 20m to cook.


At Fri Apr 01, 02:35:00 PM EDT, Blogger Celeste said...

Sounds amazing! We will have to try this out at our house. Sounds tasty and kid-friendly.


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