Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last-Minute Valentine's Dinner: Brussels Sprouts-Greens Quinoa, Purple-White-Purple Sweet Potatoes, Shiitake Mushroom with Lemon-Pepper Tempeh

Happy Valentine's Day! We were going to go out for a vegan meal a lovely place downtown was offering, but ended up not being able to go. Instead, I prepared a tasty smoothie (with a Acai frozen base, along with strawberries, fresh organic pineapple pieces, two types of coconut, soy yogurt, flax seed, Valencia orange, and vanilla) to accompany preparing and enjoying a nice meal.

Late last year, I remember having some very tasty purple and white sweet potato varieties. Recently, I found that the Whole Foods Market in Raleigh had two kinds of purple sweet potatoes and a white one; I cooked one of each in the toaster oven at 400°F till done (I think it took about a half hour). (They turned out to be good, but none was nearly as flavorful as what I remember from last year, for some reason.)

In a stainless steel pan over medium heat, I sauteed about a fifth of an onion cut into large pieces. After 2 minutes or so when the onion was clear, I added about a dozen small quartered Brussels sprouts and 1 t chopped jalapeno slices; after another 2 minutes, I added a little chopped red bell pepper and a handful of roughly torn greens that we had in the refrigerator, stem (they were tender) and all. I cooked another 2 minutes, added 1/2 t roughly chopped ginger, stirred, and put in 1/2 cup quinoa, 1 cup water, a pinch of salt, and half a pinch of turmeric. I brought to a boil and let it cook for about 2 minutes, then turned the heat off and let it sit, covered, for maybe ten minutes till the water was absorbed by the quinoa and the quinoa took on its characteristic spiral shape.

I served the sweet potatoes with the quinoa, as well as with some lemon-pepper marinated tempeh and shiitake mushrooms. A little cherry tomato with fresh lemon-sage completed the plate.


At Wed Feb 16, 04:02:00 PM EST, Blogger Shaheen said...

Sometiems eating in is so much better than eating out, as the food is made with TLC and heart

I'm curious about the purple and white sweet potatoes. Sounds lovely.


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