Monday, February 28, 2011

Kale-Shiitake Saute with Toasted Black and English Walnut, Leftover Mixed Vegetable Barley Stew

I put two cloves of garlic, roughly chopped, in a saute pan with oil that had been warmed, and started sauteeing over medium heat for a half minute or so, then added about a quarter package of tempeh, cut into pieces maybe 1/4" x 1/2" x 1". I cooked for a few minutes till the tempeh started browning, then I added two handfuls of shiitake mushrooms, after removing the hard parts of the stems and then slicing into thirds or quarters. About a minute later, I added a little diced ginger root, a bit of red jalapeno pepper, and roughly hand-torn kale from three leaves. I cooked the kale down for maybe 3 minutes, then tossed in a few black and regular walnut pieces.

After the walnut was gently toasted (maybe 30 seconds or so), I added a tablespoon or so of raw coconut aminos (which adds a bit of a soy-sauce flavor) and a little shake of jerk seasoning. I stirred and served.

We still had some mixed vegetable-barley stew leftover from last week, so I heated most of it (a bit left for a lunch or snack the next few days!). I served it with some heirloom tomato slices to complete the meal.


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