Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kitcheri, Tempeh and Spinach Sauteed with Shallot

At one of the schools that I teach at, this quarter I have classes much of Monday (1-10p with two breaks), and typically take leftovers for dinner; my wife also eats leftovers or makes something for herself. On Tuesdays, I teach 6-10p, and try to prepare an early dinner to eat at around 5p.

Today, I was running late, so took advantage of having some kitcheri (a traditional Indian rice and lentil dish) that my wife had made earlier in the day for our daughter. I made a simple but tasty saute of tempeh with spinach and shallot, and served with the kitcheri and some fresh tomato slices that a neighbor gave us from her garden yesterday.


At Wed Sep 01, 04:19:00 PM EDT, Blogger Alabama Tree Hugger said...

Dilip, kitcheri is a favorite of mine. :)


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