Friday, July 09, 2010

Cooking Class: Thai and Indonesian

It's amazing how quickly this six-week cooking class went - we finished up tonight with a great Thai / Indonesian meal. Dishes my students prepared included tempeh with vegetables, curried vegetables, Jasmine rice, and two kinds of salads. It turned out great!

My wife, daughter, and I enjoyed a short trip to both Southern and Northern California, leaving on Saturday the 3rd and returning last night. My wife and baby didn't join me for dinner out the last night, but I ate at my favorite restaurant, Millenium, then, to get together with friends and the SF Vegetarian Society to start 2012 World Vegetarian Congress planning.

Earlier in the trip, the three of us loved eating at Native Foods (all organic and vegan) and Juliano's Raw (organic, almost all vegan, and all raw) in Southern California, and a new (for us; all organic and vegan) restaurant in Palo Alto, Loving Hut. We also stumbled upon Que seRaw seRaw, an organic vegan raw place in downtown Burlingame (the city that the San Francisco airport is in) next to an old haunt of mine, the small Earthbeam grocery store (I think with 100% organic produce!).

At Earthbeam, we discovered a good looking vegan sausage, wheat-based like those that we often eat from Field Roast, from a Berkeley company called Savvy Savories. I'm looking forward to trying these (I bought their Louisiana sausage), perhaps at dinner tomorrow.


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