Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Melissa's Escarole and Basil Soup w Navy Beans, Onion Crackers, Corn

We're lucky to have soups to purchase from a local soup maker. This week the soups are a Summer Squash in Broth with Cornmeal Dumplings and Cilantro Salsa using locally ground cornmeal - but we took the option to omit the dumplings, which contain eggs; and Escarole and Basil Soup with Navy Beans. For late May, we had surprisingly cool weather, so the Escarole soup was very welcome!
I also made some corn-off-the-cob, roasted over an open flame, stripped from the cobs, then mixed with Earth Balance non-hydrogenated margarine, Volcano Lime Burst (water, organic lime juice, lemon oil), and some alder smoked salt that I brought back from California about a year ago. Finally, in addition to a salad topped with lemon hummus, I served delicious roasted onion crackers that I recently picked up. The crackers were so good that I snacked on a few right after opening the package while preparing dinner, and even had one or two as I was cleaning up. It was a simple but good dinner!


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