Friday, November 09, 2007

Warmup Cooking Class: "3 a.m. Pasta with Tempeh"

Repeating what I had mentioned last July, "Tonight was the first of six nights ([Thursdays]..., skipping [Thanksgiving] ... and ending on ... [December 20]) of the vegan cooking class that I teach. This is the cooking of my students - today was mostly lecture and getting to know each other, and they had about 45m to put together this dish named after a friend's visits.I had a friend at Brown University in graduate school who would go to work on boats for weeks at a time and come back at indeterminate times for just a few days. Rather than pay rent, she stored her items at my place and stayed over the few days when she was in town. Hospitality is important to me, and I would prepare dinner for her when she arrived - including, as I recall, at 3 in the morning at least once. So what do you do when a hungry friend shows up at your home at 3 a.m.?My answer is tonight's dinner. You make a quick saute of tempeh, shiitake mushrooms, and onions, and serve it over pasta with salad and bread/toast."

I love to teach and am so fortunate that I get very nice and interesting students. It looks like we'll have fun over the six classes. For tonight, we used a nice quinoa pasta.


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