Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lemon Rosemary Sourdough 'Pizza' with Artichoke Hearts and Oyster Mushrooms

I came up with a tasty idea today; I visited the farmer's market today and then Weaver Street Market, where, on weekends only, they make this fabulous lemon rosemary sourdough boule bread. It's soft with a not too crispy crust. They also had a new prepared Rising Moon Organics' vegan pesto sauce!

For about 15 minutes, I heated my oven, that has a big pizza stone in it, to 400°F. I sprayed on a light coating of olive oil to one side of slices of the bread and put a thin coat of pesto on the other. I sauteed some oyster mushrooms and, from the farmer's market, sweet red onion, and put that, as well as sliced artichoke heart, on top. On one slice, I put some of the Isle of Bute vegan garlic and herb "cream cheese" (it melted and tasted great - I'll do something like this again and use more of the "cheese"!). I put the slices on the hot stone and let them cook for about 10 minutes, still at 400°F.

The "pizza" came out exceptionally good - better than I had expected! The stone did exactly as it was supposed to - it created a lightly toasted crust, not too hard for my recovering gums, and the combination with the soft top was great. The toppings really made this fabulous. I'll make something like this again soon but with perhaps a tomato instead of pesto sauce.

I also made a salad and a quick saute of tempeh with mild green pepper. We enjoyed dinner!

Yesterday, by the way, we went with several friends to the Paul Taylor American Dance Festival performance (excellent!), and we ate out beforehand at Xiloa, the Nicaraguan restaurant we like in downtown Durham. I had my regular there, the nacatamales.


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