Friday, July 20, 2007

Infectiously good Tempeh and Rice Noodles with Millet-Flax Garlic Chip Crackers

First the news - remember that itch that I had mentioned yesterday? I was in the hospital with my Dad, who had a minor procedure scheduled for tomorrow. As we were going through the routine questions for him, they asked if he'd been around chicken pox - they saw my red spots and ran to get a mask on me and whisked me off to dermatology. It turns out that I have an infectious skin disease, likely chicken pox, which I don't think that I ever had before. It is likely infectious for 7-12 days; I can cook for my wife, but should wear a mask (which I did tonight), and should not risk contaminating folks in public (I presented my photography class tonight via speakerphone and hate that tomorrow I'll have to miss the last artist this season at American Dance Festival!)

Dinner came out great! It was one of the best meals that I remember putting together in some time. I cut thin fingers of tempeh and sauteed them with red onions, mild green peppers, and oyster mushrooms. I soaked some fine rice noodles for a few minutes till they were soft, and put them into the saute when that was done, stirring the noodles along with a little soy sauce and ample hand-shredded fresh basil. It was very tasty!! I had also recently purchased millet and flax garlic "chips" (they're actually low-fat crackers), and we tried them - wow! They are full of flavor and are likely to be a new staple for us.


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