Thursday, February 08, 2007

Conchiglie Pasta with Homemade Chunky Seitan Sauce, Italian Flatbread

The sauce that I described in the previous blog entry came out great! It simmered in my slow cooker on low from about 8:30a-8:15p, or almost 12 hours. It filled the conchiglie pasta nicely, though I wonder if it would have been even better if the seitan chunks were bigger.

Like we had in the Toscano countryside in October, I made a simple green bean side, as well. I sauteed green beans over medium heat in a cast iron pan for maybe 10 minutes, turning occasionally. I simply sprinkled some fresh lemon, salt, and black pepper on top and served. Besides a salad, there was also some "Ciappine alle Olive" Italian flatbread with Taggiasche black olives (flour, olive oil, olives, salt, and yeast), a nice crispy accompaniment.


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