Monday, July 19, 2010

Vegan "Broccoli and Beef"

I have never eaten a dish that I believe is reasonably popular called "Broccoli and Beef", but my wife had picked up cubed seitan, and I knew we had broccoli, so I thought I would try what turned out to be a filling and tasty meal. Over medium heat, I started sauteeing a package of the seitan. I let it get well done over perhaps 10 minutes or so. A few minutes into the saute, I added two minced cloves of garlic, and a third clove perhaps two minutes later.

While this was underway, I took advantage of my wife's purchase today of several organic red bell peppers. I roasted a small pepper by simply placing it on the gas range and turning the flame on, turning the pepper every 15 or so seconds till it was mostly all blackened. I then put the pepper in a brown paper bag and curled it closed so that the smoke flavor could get absorbed into all of the pepper.

Maybe eight minutes into the saute, before the seitan was very brown and crispy, I added maybe twenty or so broccoli florets. I then opened the bag with the pepper and ran cold water over the pepper, easily rubbing the blackened skin off. I discarded the seeds and membranes, and cut the pepper into large chunks, adding to the saute. I cooked for another few minutes then served atop boiled rice noodles which had a bit of low-sodium tamari sauce sprinkled on them.

My wife and I enjoyed the meal! In hindsight, I had forgotten but should have included some ginger late in the saute.


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