Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vegetable Indian Burger on Hemp Bagel, Potatoes

[I posted this quite, on June 23, along with the entries for the next two days, so don't remember all the details.] We had just returned from two weekends and a full week in California, mostly in my favorite US city, San Francisco, and a few days visiting my brother in the Los Angeles area. Of course, we got great food! I was overdue for eating at my favorite restaurant, Millenium, and was able to introduce my wife to it (our hotel was literally a block or so away!!) - somehow we just had two and not more meals there, but they were scrumptious! The executive chef, Eric Tucker, knows me, and came out on both occasions to greet us. On the second occasion, we had a big group of friends and San Francisco Vegetarian Society members, including the owner of the restaurant!

Somehow, I let today's and the next two day's postings slip by, so will just sketch a bit of what I remember. Today, on our first day back, I found we had some frozen hemp bagels, and used them to serve Indian vegetarian burgers from Trader Joe's. I also made some sort of a potato dish.


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